About Jamie J Karia

A “Renaissance Woman” striving to create a better future for our children, Jamie J. Karia is the loving Cat Mom behind this series. As a licensed psychotherapist (LCSW) and Life Coach with nearly two decades of experience, Jamie has worked with artists, celebrities, public figures, teens, children, adults, seniors, and families to help them develop the healthy coping skills they need to achieve balanced mental health.

Jamie specializes in Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Object Relation, Art and Play Therapy, and Spiritual Therapy.  She has developed a dynamic approach that blends traditional methods with positivity and powerful, goal-oriented coaching techniques.  The passionate professional is well-experienced in the treatment of a variety of issues, including depression, crisis, anger, anxiety, bullying, career, family, stress, domestic violence, divorce, body image, self-esteem, trauma, parenting, relationships, grief illness, substance abuse, assault, sexual identity, and personal transitions.  Ms. Karia has taken additional steps to boost the effectiveness of her practice by obtaining her certification in Level 2 Reiki, an energy-based, holistic healing modality.

As an advocate for education and personal growth, Jamie loves to research, learn, and evolve.  Throughout her career as a clinical psychotherapist, she has personally witnessed the full gamut of overwhelming personal struggles and intense inner battles that everyone faces daily.  This lover of mindfulness and believer in you reminds you to be unafraid to express your emotions and that you are never alone.

The youthful spirit enjoys life on a deeper level through dance, music, painting, drawing, writing, working toward spiritual enlightenment, positive energy, having fun regularly, volunteering, singing, creating, traveling, embarking on adventures daily, and lovingly posing thought-provoking questions to facilitate growth and healthy conversation.  She strives to “shine bright like a diamond”.  Being one with nature and animals is everything to her, which is why she so thoroughly enjoys forest bathing and the ocean life.  “All things.  All times.  All ways,” is her main motto in life.

Now, Ms. Karia is tapping into her imagination and leveraging her artistic talents to introduce the exciting world of Bacci and his mom, J’aime, to children, young adults, and their families, guardians, caregivers, and teachers. 

She intends for this revolutionary interactive series to be an innovative means of guiding children in achieving their developmental milestones, exploring their imaginations, and discovering their independence, motivation, and inner strength.  After working with kids, parents, and families for the past eighteen years, the gifted psychotherapist has infused this educational material with all of the most effective techniques and skills she has gained along the way.

Empowering others to develop and strengthen their emotional intelligence (EIQ) and self-awareness is at the top of Jamie’s priorities.  She feels this is the best way to instill youth with all the tools they’ll need to navigate this world as healthy adults, creating a better reality for all as they do.  Included in this series are some free resources for parents, legal guardians, teachers, and caregivers, which enable them to better support readers as they advance through these fun and motivating lessons.

The spirited visionary has also released a trendsetting mindfulness jewelry collection that offers a holistic approach to wellness.  Each piece comes with empowering exercises that encourage life-changing doses of self-love, acceptance, and rejuvenation.  It’s everything you need to balance your body, mind, and soul as you envelop them in the warmth of unconditional love.

Karia is also the Founder and CEO of social impact fashion brand, www.Jaime.store, which supports important causes, including Books For Kids, Child Mind Institute, Freedom For All, Children's Alopecia Project (CAP), Vibrant Emotional Health, National Suicide Lifeline Prevention, Canadian Centre For Mental Health And Sport (CCMHS), Elephant Crisis Fund and Foundation House.  Additionally, Jamie is in the process of developing essential meditation guides that boost daily mindfulness practices.  As she continues her ardent work as a psychotherapist, she devotes all of her free time to building these platforms.  It allows her to tangibly express her thoughts, art, imagination, and dreams for the future of humanity.

About the Bacci Kid Series & Guidebooks

These supplemental Bacci Kid guidebooks provide adults with a way of exploring readers’ mental health by asking open-ended questions and interacting with them directly through games, handouts, and activities.  As they progress through the series, children will learn more about themselves and develop important skills as they explore Bacci’s stories and adventures.  And it’s a lot of fun!

Meow, meow, meow.  Bacci is a superhero Bengal Cat and the main character of this thought-provoking children’s book series.  Wise, adventurous, and ever-curious, he is the perfect guide for little ones as they learn valuable techniques for living life with a positive mental attitude and develop healthy ways to express their emotions and fears.  Equipped with these important lessons and internal resources, kids will be able to self-soothe when feeling anxious in any situation.

The mother-and-cat duo share their life journey through this collection, serving as an example for readers.  As Bacci leads kids through daily routines, they’ll take time to learn how to practice empathy, compassion, communication, self-acceptance, mindfulness, awareness, and so much more.  Additionally, they’ll delve into everyday responsibilities, like personal hygiene and manners.  The adorable kitty also teaches them how to identify their emotions safely by asking simple questions.  Karia has created and introduced to this series a fundamental safety plan that incorporates breathing and counting exercises and other mindfulness techniques, as well as helpful vocabulary for expressing negative and positive feelings.

At www.BacciKid.com, mommies, daddies, guardians, teachers, and caregivers will find Bacci activity handouts, as well as parenting activity sheets that accompany the books and guidebooks.  Keep an eye on the website for live updates on how J’aime is parenting Bacci, too.  The extra bonuses featured in the live updates present even more fun and interactive adventures with this kitty and his mother, as well as creative learning opportunities.  And stay tuned for upcoming books and activities as we watch Bacci and his momma grow together from Pre-K to college and the wild world of adulthood.

Knowing how much Bacci’s fans would love J’aime and Bacci gear, Jamie has designed some just for you!  It’s fashion with a purpose.  Every garment reminds us of the wellness practices we learn about in this series.  Karia’s approach leverages the greatness within all of us to motivate important contributions to humanity.

Enjoy browsing the Bacci Kid books, workbooks, games, merchandise, blog, videos, and our free resources.  Jamie has made everything on this website with 100% love.  She has dedicated her life to sharing this gift with the world and the children of today and the future.  She hopes it will help you with your parenting and teaching journey, bringing you closer to your little ones.

Behind the Series

Across the Bacci Kid collection, and particularly in the “Love Means We Won” activity book, you’ll find the following message:

“Life coaching with creative expression shares the common goals of providing community, connection, creativity, and change while exploring transformational life coaching exercises infused with artistic expression.”

As you’ll come to understand, the combination of these two elements serves as a catalyst for empowering individuals to restore their balance amidst the chaos of our busy world by setting meaningful intentions, establishing a foundation for success, cultivating an attitude of gratitude, fostering happiness and positive thinking, visualizing dreams and goals, and developing a strategy for accomplishing them.  One of Jamie’s favorite tools for achieving these things is “vision boards”.  Not only is it fun to make them, but they provide heaps of inspiration, guidance, and focus every time you look at them – the three things needed to make anything happen.  They allow us to see and manifest all of our goals.  And the process of creating them demonstrates how tangible our hearts’ desires truly are.

Throughout this series, you will notice a phoenix logo, a symbol of strength, overcoming obstacles, healthy perspective, transformation, rebirth, wisdom, balance, and enlightenment.  Jamie designed this double-headed phoenix to inspire hope.  It unmasks our inner beauty and resilience and represents the divine masculine and feminine energies, reminding us to stay balanced like the yin and yang.  There is a little phoenix within each of us; it simply needs us to ignite its fire and empower it to make the changes necessary for us to live our best lives.

Finding your purpose in life can be challenging.  That’s why this series aims to encourage and positively guide individuals to tap into their full potential and embrace their true selves.  In this way, Jamie believes we will discover our individual originality, which is as uniquely distinguished as our fingerprints.  We were born to be who we are and to experience the journey and adventures we’ve embarked on, as well as those yet to come.  She hopes these books will help readers realize that they are not alone and that we are all interconnected, despite having our different paths, memories, and purposes.

Ms. Karia hopes you and your readers will enjoy finding yourselves through this thrilling interactive affair.  Together, we can elevate humanity to its best version of itself for the health and wellness of all, now and in the future.  Let us metaphorically join hands and rise to the occasion, despite the obstacles we face personally and societally during these unprecedented times.

More Information

Jamie Karia began her professional journey as a student at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, where she ultimately earned her Bachelor of Arts in psychology.  She went on to achieve a Master’s of Social Work with a clinical degree at Yeshiva University’s Wurzweiler School of Social Work in New York City’s Washington Heights neighborhood.

Next in her never-ending, impassioned quest for knowledge, she completed a life coaching program.  Soon after, she became a graduate of Coach U’s Core Essentials Program, which advanced her coaching skills.  Additionally, she obtained an Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASACt) certification through a two-year educational program.

Over the years, Jamie has served in diverse roles, from a psychotherapist in a high-volume emergency room and a Level 1 trauma center to an educational coordinator and counselor, site supervisor psychotherapist in an outpatient mental health clinic, and beyond.  She is happiest working one-on-one with her patients.  The dedicated professional draws from her extensive knowledge in education, psychology, and clinical therapy to develop effective, individualized treatment plans for those in her care.