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Bacci Kid

.99¢ What do you see? Activity #1

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Dear Parents, Teachers, and Guardians,​

Bacci needs your help!  Please help him identify each item. This .99¢ resource promotes bonding as you and your child work together to accomplish this.  Patiently ask your reader to name each object displayed. Then, either you can write the answers into Additionally, a page has been provided in this package for you to document and track your responses to open-ended questions, as well as those of the reader(s). If any mental health concerns arise from those in your care during these activities, please immediately consult with a mental health professional, a pediatrician, and their parents or legal guardians, if that isn’t you.​​

These educational exercises present parents, teachers, and guardians with perfectly teachable moments that also offer an opportunity to connect one-on-one with the kids in your care. Additionally, they are designed to improve the Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EIQ) of both you and your child. 

I hope you enjoy this educational adventure with my silly, adventurous, likable, loveable, empathetic, smart, caring, and curious kitty son, Bacci. It’s a wonderful experience for all involved! Please do keep in mind that this exercise is for learning purposes only, and is not intended to replace any form of mental health treatment. For more information, please visit​​

With love,​​