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Bacci Kid

I Will

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“I Will” Necklace 

“I WILL”: two simple words with the power to completely transform our reality.  Whatever terminology follows them will set our intentions, inspire our actions, align us with our goals, and manifest the life we want most.  We’ve taken this concept and infused it within this elegant necklace.  And with it, we encourage you to develop empowering affirmations that will provide you with the clarity you need to realize your objectives and the path to take to accomplish them.  Additionally, they’ll serve as the springboard for the confidence, resilience, tenacity, and determination that you’ll need to make it all happen.  In fact, when you snag this jewelry, you’ll also receive simple, step-by-step instructions on how to do this!

I’m Jamie Karia, Founder and CEO of J’aime, lover of mindfulness, and believer in you.  I’m so grateful that my beautiful “I will” necklace has made its way into your life.  With two decades of experience as a clinical psychotherapist, I am an ardent advocate for mental health affairs and overall wellness. To become the best versions of ourselves and to live our best lives, we must achieve balance between our body, mind, and soul.  And this is the idea at the core of my company.

The marvelously transformative exercise included with every purchase of this necklace invites you to formulate positive statements about what you’re going to do to create the life of which you’ve always dreamed.  And it challenges you to commit to reciting them daily.  This practice can be the first step in smashing your personal development goals and optimal wellness.  For, the more we say our affirmations, the more we’ll begin to see them manifest in our day-to-day reality, which means an abundance of progress, victories, and successes as you will your way into your future!

So, if you’re ready to embark on a thrilling journey of metamorphosis, growth, and improvement, grab one of these necklaces and put your best foot forward.  The time to take you more seriously has arrived!  And the more effort you invest in yourself, the sooner you’ll see the results and the bigger they will be.  That translates to elevated confidence and clarity, reduced stress and anxiety, boosted motivation, and a positive shift in your mindset.  Who’d have thought that organizing a few basic words could be so powerful?!

For those who prefer limited contact service, use your device to scan this code and you’ll be set!  By scanning this code, you will also find the full affirmation exercise* that accompanies this necklace.

Learn how to create your affirmations

*Disclaimer: Please note that J’aime is not responsible for any possible outcomes associated with this exercise, whether positive or negative.  We cannot guarantee that your manifestations will actualize because of our suggested methods.  Additionally, this self-care practice is not intended to substitute for mental health treatment.  We wish you all the best!