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Meow, meow, meow.  Bacci is a superhero Bengal cat and the main character of this thought-provoking children’s book series, alongside his loving, superhuman momma, J’aime. Wise, adventurous, and ever-curious, he is the perfect guide for little ones as they learn valuable techniques for living life with a positive mental attitude and develop healthy ways of expressing emotions and fears. Equipped with these important lessons and internal resources, kids will be able to self-soothe when feeling anxious in any situation. The mother-and-cat duo shares their life journey through this collection, serving as an example for readers. As Bacci leads kids through daily routines, they’ll take time to learn how to practice empathy, compassion, communication, self-acceptance, mindfulness, awareness, and so much more. 

What is a Bacci Kid?


  • Bacci's Cool Kiddie Crew

    Bacci has some cool friends and they would love for you to get to know them. Click below to learn more about Bacci's Cool Kiddie Crew.

  • Captains

    Bacci has some awesome Captains. Click the button below to leand more about the.

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  • Cultural Awareness Workbook

    If you purchased “The Invitation”, which is the first episode in Series 1: Bacci’s First Day of Pre-K, this supplemental activity will enhance the experience.  Even without the book, this entertaining exercise is a fantastic way to teach readers how to say “Hello” and “Goodbye” in different languages!

  • EIQ : Self-awareness & Acceptance Workbook

    This book was written with the intention of bringing to life your goals and wishes for yourself, others, and the world we all share. For parents the book is a great way to get to know your children as they get older. The exercises were designed for all ages and genders.

  • Games & Videos

    Have fun browsing through Bacci's puzzles, games and more.

  • Bacci's World

    Browse through Bacci's World and shop our educational products.

  • Back To School

    Check out Bacci and J'aime's Back to School products and much more.

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