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Bacci Kid

Bacci Seasons Workbook #1

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Dear Parents, Teachers, and Guardians,

Thank you for purchasing this fun digital download. I’ve created Bacci's Seasons Workbook #1 to help you develop, implement, and sustain consistent communication and connection with the children in your care.  As the pandemic continues to restrict many children to studying from home, I thought this would be a great way to share some fun activities.  This educational workbook has been designed for toddlers and kids in the elementary school age group.  Although, the activities and the journal tracker can be used for any age.  Open-ended questions can help boost communication and connections.  

As you explore this resource, please keep in mind that the questions presented are merely suggestions that can be tweaked to accommodate the developmental needs of your little ones. Feel free to ask some of your own age-appropriate, open-ended questions during this activity, as well.  I hope parents, guardians, teachers, and caregivers will feel inspired to add positive affirmations after each of their answers. You and your readers’ can add these positive affirmations to your Bacci Boxes.    

When you review these powerful statements and answers together, it brings you closer and elevates the trust in your relationship.  I’ve included a sheet in this booklet where you can track readers’ vocabulary, as well as the positive affirmations earned and open-ended questions they have been asked.  This enables you and your little ones to easily see the progress they’ve made, and the amount positive affirmations obtained.

Readers’ can enhance their memory with Bacci’s memory game, illustrate and share their favorite seasonal memories.  In this workbook, there are many fun opportunities to learn sequencing and strengthen recall. 

I hope you enjoy this educational adventure with my silly, adventurous, likable, loveable, empathetic, smart, caring, and curious kitty son, Bacci.  It’s a wonderful experience for all involved!  Please keep in mind that this exercise is for learning purposes only and is not intended to replace any form of mental health treatment.  It is only a suggestion for teaching children how to explore their inner thoughts and feelings. This workbook focuses on strengthening communication and building confidence. 

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With love,