J'aime has created some mindfulness exercises that you can do during coronavirus. keep your immune system high with healthy dietary choices. Bring your family together during the Coronavirus by making meal time fun and interactive. There are many fun ways to make breakfast, lunch and dinner a bonding time for your family. If your child is of an age to help with meal prep ask them to join in the cooking experience. Stay tuned! Throughout the weeks to come J'aime will be uploading interactive activities that will help parents engage with their children.
Don't forget to wash your vegetables!

While at the grocery store you can choose colorful healthy products to keep your immune system up.

Open your fruit in a different way and explore mindfulness as you taste the inside of the fruit.

Creating healthy spreads to put in between your sandwiches can be a fun mindfulness exercise you can do alone or with your family.

Making your own bread can be a fun activity to do while bonding with yourself and/or family during the coronavirus pandemic.

Making healthy energy ball snacks can be a fun way to bond with your family or yourself.

Smell, taste, and explore how these spices make you feel as you prepare your next meal. Make meal time fun and interactive in a unique way. This practice can help you bond with others and explore mindfulness exercises for yourself.