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“I love” Necklace
Free Mindfulness Exercise

“I Love” Necklace

With this graceful “I love” affirmation necklace, I welcome you into the global social impact movement that is our tribe, the J’aime Gems.  I’m Jamie Karia, Founder and CEO of this brand, lover of mindfulness, and believer in you.  Despite whether you’ve purchased this jewelry for yourself or have received it as a gift, I invite you to take this opportunity to hit the “pause” button on life and escape any stress, judgment, and tension that you may be holding.  This stunning necklace comes with a wonderful exercise that encourages self-love, acceptance, and rejuvenation; all things that balance your body, mind, and soul and which fill you with unconditional love.

There is something magical about the power of love.  When we hold it in our hearts, mind, and body as we walk through life, it has an incredible effect that ripples out into everyone and everything around us.  This “I Love” necklace is a magnificent gift for yourself or others.  If you have someone you love, you can charge the jewelry with your loving intentions, write down ten things you love about them, and give them both to this person. You can tell this kindred spirit to touch the necklace to be reminded of how much love surrounds him/her/them and ten reasons why that is so, which you highlighted on the paper you included with your gift.

Alternatively, if this is for yourself, this keepsake can be used to remind yourself of your dearly departed loved ones.  It can be charged with the love you hold for them.  In this way, they can remain close to your heart, as you recall the lessons and values that you received from these beautiful individuals.

Let’s embrace this moment of mindful metamorphosis, as we get grounded and step into a little self-care exercise that involves planting powerful seeds in the garden of your subconscious.  These positive “I love” affirmations require consistency, so I recommend saying them at least twice a day – once in the morning and once before bed.  Recite them with confidence, while looking in the mirror.

If it seems overwhelming at first, try saying one to yourself silently.  You may also want to record yourself saying these affirmations and play them back to yourself.  These seeds will need to be nurtured to support your positive transformation.  Realign daily and enjoy the ride.

Before we begin, let’s take five deep breaths.  Inhale for as long as you can, breathing in all the positive energy that surrounds you.  As you exhale, release all toxicity within you, including all negative thoughts, tensions, emotions, or memories that you may have been holding on to.  It’s normal for thoughts or feelings to arise as you do this.  When it happens, be gentle with yourself.  Try to view them objectively and without judgment.  Grant yourself permission to let these thoughts and feelings move past you like clouds in the sky or a butterfly in the breeze.  Once you’ve exhaled all that junk and gunk, you should begin to feel more grounded.  And now, it’s time to create your “I love” affirmations!


  • A positive mindset and solid intentions
  • A writing utensil (pen, pencil, crayon, etc.)
  • A piece of scratch or recycled paper

Alternatively, you could write these on a smartphone or other device.

Take as much time as you need to create these ten positive affirmations.  Begin by writing your name and the date, and make a list numbered one through ten.  Each of these statements will begin with the words “I love”.  For the full effect, avoid using “I don’t love”.  Even if you don’t believe in your “I love” affirmations, remember that these are wellness seeds that you will plant in your subconscious, attracting the positive things that you are or want to become.  If you enjoy crystals, sage, palo santo, or being in nature, feel free to incorporate these elements into your affirmation practice.  For any items that may burn or pose a choking hazard or other danger, please be sure to keep children away from them.


  • I love my family.
  • I love to learn, exercise, and live a healthy lifestyle.
  • I love kindness and compassion.
  • I love feeling hopeful.
  • I love my friends and community.
  • I love to practice self-care regularly.
  • I love myself and others.
  • I love feeling balanced.
  • I love peace and tranquility.
  • I love my life, myself, and my loved ones.
  • I love putting the effort it takes to reach my goals.
  • I love being resilient.

Charging your necklace
with your affirmations:

Close your eyes and settle comfortably into a meditative state while holding this necklace in both hands.  Focus on each breath you take as you become wholly centered.  Become present in the here and now, allowing thoughts and judgments to leave your mind as you do.  With the jewelry in hand, begin to say your affirmations either silently or out loud, and do so as many times as you feel comfortable with.

Every day, speak your affirmations while holding or wearing this “I love” necklace.  If you find yourself in a social setting and begin to feel overwhelmed, use it to ground yourself with a gentle touch, reminding yourself of each of these ten positive affirmations you’ve just created.

Now, that was quite the mini journey!  Well done!  Settle back into your skin and embrace this wonderfully tranquil feeling as it envelops your body.  As you complete these affirmation exercises, I encourage you to do something positive and rewarding that fills your heart with joy.  Doing so will make it easier to adopt this into your daily routine.  Although this charming necklace (and the collection of which it is a part) is an excellent tool to facilitate your wellness and self-care, it is not intended to replace mental health treatment.

With infinite love,
Jamie Karia, CEO, LCSW

*Disclaimer: Please note that Bacci and J'aime Gems is not responsible for any possible outcomes associated with this exercise, whether positive or negative.  We cannot guarantee that your manifestations will actualize because of our suggested methods.  Additionally, this self-care practice is not intended to substitute for mental health treatment.  I wish you all the best!

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